The internet is listing.

It started about a month ago, when social isolation orders sent everyone home who could work or learn remotely. Which means all the activity that happened on the business side of the boat has come on over to the side where we eat and sleep and watch Netflix.

It’s added a new strain to our already overtaxed home networks. Older Wi-Fi wasn’t built to handle all the real-time videoconferencing traffic it must now manage. Even newer Wi-Fi can sometimes buckle under the weight of multiple videoconferencing applications, depending on how many older smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart home devices are clogging the system.

As if on cue, the FCC is expected this week to allocate a wide new swath of frequency in the 6GHz band for Wi-Fi. It’s the first time this century that the government is adding spectrum for Wi-Fi, and it will give equipped devices lots of elbow room for everything the whole family now needs to accomplish from home.

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