Google is expected to add two new smartphones to its flagship Nexus line during its press event tomorrow (Sept 29). The inevitable leaks in the days ahead have uncovered a lot. But a curious thing came to light during the parade of PR pics and spec sheets seeping out from behind the curtain: the presence of another curtain.

Actually, it’s more like a mask. And it’s on the rear of the larger device, the Nexus 6P. Stretching beyond the traditional flash and camera is a strip of what appears to be dark glass running across the entire width. It looks sort of like the tinted visors some football players put in their facemasks. And it has many Android watchers scratching their heads.

I suspect that, as with football visors, we’ll learn that something akin to a pair of eyes is peering out from behind the smoky strip, helping our smartphones gauge our surroundings. That’s a capability many Android developers are working to incorporate into all sorts of cool new apps.

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