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Healthcare Wearables Will Launch in 2015. Unless ...

Are you tired of listening to your uber-healthy co-workers comparing calories and steps at the office? Those of you with chronic conditions can now take heart. Thanks to a new wave of wearables, soon it will be your turn to annoy the crap out of them. Provided companies can clear regulatory hurdles, that is.

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Ah, Now Eye See!

Augmented reality is about to get real. I mean, really real. Digital eyewear will make it happen. And it’s happening sooner than you think.

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Don't Judge the iPhone 6 by its Cover

Taller than a Galaxy S5. Tougher than Gorilla Glass. Softer contours than the iPhone 5. But it's what's inside that really counts.

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No Reason to Buy a Tablet Any More

I’ve said for years that the natural number of personal electronics devices is two: one in the pocket and one in the bag. Now, thanks to ever-larger smartphones and the latest 2in1 laptops, order is being restored.

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Internet Titans Air Offensive

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