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Internet Titans Air Offensive


Whither eBay?

Regardless of whether it decides to spin off PayPal, what’s left for eBay, a company that matched the perfect item with faraway buyers now that consumers are demanding it here and now?

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Death Scrum for the Ear Drums

The titans of technology have spent lavishly for your eyeballs. Now they’re opening their checkbooks to scoop up services to get you to lend them your ears. Here’s why. What’s coming. And how to spot the winners.

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Winners and Losers: Midyear Update


The titans of technology went on a shopping spree in the first half of 2014. Here’s a look at why they spent so much, what they are really after, who won and who lost.

Also: What to expect in the second half.

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And here's the video:

Midyear Report: Tech Titans Winners & Losers from Mike Feibus on Vimeo.




Gunning for Google


Forget about orange. In the high-stakes world of mobile e-commerce, gunning for Google is the new black. Three industry stalwarts have all taken aim this month to neutralize Google. If it wants to fight fire with fire, then here are four points the internet titan should nail at Google I/O this week.

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