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FeibusTech: market insight & analysis. Influencer, analyst in IoT, digital health/fitness, wearables, connected car, smart home, privacy/security. Columnist for Tech section of USA TODAY and Fortune.

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Next Week, the PC Gets Interesting Again

Mike Feibus


Thanks to the media tablet, the PC has gotten a bad rap lately. It's slow, bulky, unresponsive.

The tablet zealots would have you believe that the PC's days are numbered. But while they've been busy writing the laptop's obituary,  the PC ecosystem has been hard at work re-inventing itself.

Sparked by Intel's Ultrabook initiative, the laptop is addressing the shortcomings that gave the tablet an opening into their market.

The fruits of their labor start rolling out in earnest next week, at Computex. The aisles will be full of sleek, sexy new models that are as responsive as they are adaptable to what consumers want to do with them.

RIP laptop? Not on your life.

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Would Apple Dump Samsung for Intel? It's No Pipedream

Mike Feibus


Intel has been pushing into the tablet and smartphone markets for years, and only now is experiencing some success. Apple, meanwhile, has been wildly successful in both markets.

Indeed, no other company has come close to what Apple has accomplished, except for one: Samsung. As it happens, that's the same company that makes makes the custom chips that drive the iPhone and the iPod. It's also the same company that Apple is suing across the globe.

Could Intel have a shot at the most lucrative smartphone and tablet franchise? And if so, in what capacity?

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The Kindle Fire: It's Not Dead Yet!

Mike Feibus

Look at all the pretty new media tablets!

The blogosphere has been awash with declarations of the demise of the Kindle Fire, Amazon's e-reader-first tablet. The reports are based on new data from IDC, which show shipments of the Kindle Fire crashing and burning in the year's first quarter. NPD's Stephen Baker disputes that, declaring in a blog post that the Kindle Fire is doing "pretty darn well." So who's right? Steve is.

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How to Succeed in the Tablet Market if You’re not Apple

Mike Feibus

Look at all the pretty new media tablets!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, ASUS Prime, the Toshiba Excite, the Acer Iconia and the Sony Tablet. They’re all sleek, slim and sexy. And they’re all trying to one-up the iPad.

Two companies are showing that you don’t have to beat Apple’s tablet to win in this market. And others are poised to follow.

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