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FeibusTech: market insight & analysis. Influencer, analyst in IoT, digital health/fitness, wearables, connected car, smart home, privacy/security. Columnist for Tech section of USA TODAY and Fortune.

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Join Me for My Privacy Now Interview Series on YouTube

Mike Feibus


Once a low-level concern buzzing around in the back of our minds as we shared our lives on social media, the question of just what is happening with our personal information online is now front and center. Consumers feel betrayed by the myriad digital properties that assured us they respected our privacy. But, as things turned out, didn’t.

How bad is the situation? Are the laws now taking shape enough to protect us? What else can we do?

Find out. Watch Privacy Now, my new twice-monthly interview series on privacy. And get the answers to these and other urgent privacy-minded questions. Plus, we’ve got a few surprises in store for you.

Note: Privacy Now is sponsored by FigLeaf, a privacy-first company built on the premise that when privacy is a choice, humanity is free.

I just posted the second episode today. Joining me is Pierre Valade, CEO of Jumbo, a privacy assistant now available on the iPhone. For the first episode, I discuss the state of privacy legislation with Justin Brookman, who heads privacy efforts at Consumer Report.

I hope you find them informative and enjoyable. And don’t hesitate to let us know who else you’d like me to interview - and what you’d like us to discuss. Privacy is one of the most pressing issues of our day, and we want to be sure we’re covering what you’re wondering about.