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FeibusTech Blog

Signs that Microsoft Finally Gets It

Mike Feibus

The Windows 8 go-to-market plan last year played out like a Greek tragedy: the wounds that Microsoft endured were almost entirely self-inflicted. Like when the company violated the trust of hardware partners by disclosing at the 11th hour that it was planning to build its own-branded tablets. Or by introducing Windows 8 in late October instead of midyear, when the first systems built for the new OS were coming available. Or by taking away the Start button and forcing users to contend with the Start screen, but not doing enough to court developers so that the go-to tablet apps were available for the so-called Modern UI at launch.

I bring this up not to pile on, but to point out some encouraging signs that Microsoft may - finally - comprehend the mess it's gotten itself into and is taking steps to right the ship. It had better. Because every quarter that passes with Windows 8 flapping in the breeze is another quarter that Android and iOS tablets become more entrenched in consumer usage patterns.

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