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FeibusTech: market insight & analysis. Influencer, analyst in IoT, digital health/fitness, wearables, connected car, smart home, privacy/security. Columnist for Tech section of USA TODAY and Fortune.

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FeibusTech Blog

Why Siri Can't Read (Your Mind)

Mike Feibus


 Think your smartphone's smart now? Sure, it can tap the resources of the internet to answer virtually anything you ask. But what if it could predict what information you needed? Better yet, what if your phone understood you well enough that it could offer up information you didn't even know you needed. Now that would be a smart phone! You'll have one someday--and sooner than you might think.

Consider this: There's arguably no single person, no one thing that spends more time with you than your smartphone. Because of all our time together, these devices have a unique opportunity to get to know us better--maybe even better than we know ourselves. Up to now, though, they haven't really tried.

Why not? 

What our phones lack is contextual awareness, an ability to identify and filter the salient information from that data storm and present it to us, unprompted, at a time we'll find it useful. Give our smartphones a way to track all that data and a set of tools to analyze it and we'll be well on the way to realizing the dream of truly smart phones. 

A slew of companies are laser-focused to enable context awareness. Your smartphone will be context aware - and sooner than you might think.

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