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FeibusTech Blog

Does Intel Have an Inside Track at Amazon?

Mike Feibus


If Amazon isn't working on a proprietary operating system for tablets and smartphones, then it risks losing its dominance in retail sales to Apple, Google and Microsoft. I explain why in "The Death of Open" (which was picked up this week by InformationWeek, by the way). 

Intel could have a leg up on its competitors by pairing its mobile silicon with MeeGo, the company's nine-lives OS designed for tablets and smartphones. As it happens, no one's making much use of MeeGo. Not long ago, that worked against Intel. But now that the platform vendors all appear poised to go it alone, a spare OS lying around could be just the thing Intel needs to win Amazon's business.  

Speculative? You bet. But think about it: who else could offer Amazon a turnkey proprietary platform today?